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PLE IPhone 5s 16 GB 0.0999 SAR 999
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Apple iPhone 8 64 GB Silver 0.2629 SAR 2629
Visit Store 1 - 2 Days Delivery
Min Order 350 for FREE Shipment
SAR 9 Shipping Charges
APPLE IPHONE 8 silver 256gb 0.3674 SAR 3674
Visit Store 1 - 2 Days Delivery
Min Order 500 for FREE Shipment
SAR 25 Shipping Charges
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB 4G, Silver 0.3786 SAR 3786
Visit Store 0 - 3 Days Delivery
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Apple iPhone 8 with FaceTime, 256 GB,4G LTE, 4.7inch,Space Grey,Agent Guarantee 0.3999 SAR 3999
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Apple IPhone 8 Description

iPhone 8 Review
To mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone in 2017, has decided to launch its revolutionary iPhone edition. Apple has always been a benchmark in making the smartest phones and immunizing them with lots of features and quality material. The next sensation in the market is said to be the Apple iPhone 8. Rumors are rife that the upcoming Apple flagship phone iPhone8 will go a major design change with a glass body structure, unlike the previous iPhone sets like iPhone 6s and iPhone 7IPhone X which looked almost identical. The Apple iPhone 8 release date in Saudi Arabia, KSA is expected to be in September 2017. Though the price of the premium handset is yet to be confirmed, Apple iPhone 8 price in Saudi Arabia is believed to be around 2600 to 3200 SAR. It is likely to cost more than $1000 across other regions worldwide.
Top 3 key Features
Apple iPhone8 will have a unique set of features which have not been seen in the previous iPhone models. The top three features would be glass and steel body design, wireless charging and iris scanner.
1. Glass and steel body design- Unlike most of the iPhone mobiles including iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S, which had the aluminum body, iPhone8 is likely to have an all-new-glass and steel body design. 
2. Wireless charging-  This will be introduced for the first time by Apple for its iPhone 8. It's worth mentioning that Samsung's top-tier phones have supported wireless charging since 2015's Galaxy S6, and some Lumia phones (both under Nokia and Microsoft) had it back in the day, too.
3. Iris scanner- Previously, many research scholars had floated the theory that the iPhone 8 may have an embedded iris scanner that will let you unlock the phone by looking at it -- a nifty iteration of the current Touch ID feature. And a parallel rumor has it that the next iPhone will support facial recognition technology as an alternative (or perhaps supplement) to the current fingerprint scanner authentication system. Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was among the first phones to come equipped with an iris scanner. It's worth stating that that particular feature had nothing to do with that phone's explosive reputation and subsequent retirement.
Hot Feature
Apple iPhone 8 will have a 5.8 inch flexible OLED screen from Samsung that will allow the screen to curve from the edges. The traditional IPS tech Apple won't be used any longer. This would primarily mean better contrast and colors. The resolution will be 2800x1242 pixels. Similar feature has already been seen in Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 Plus. It is also rumored that Nokia 8, HMD's 2017 flagship, will feature QHD OLED display, the iris scanner, and OZO Audio. Meanwhile, people across KSA definitely wait for the Apple iPhone8 release date in Saudi Arabia to experience these unique features.
Best iPhone 8 Features
 Fingerprint sensor, 3D sensors, and Single lens camera
Sources reveal that Apple has developed its own in-house fingerprint sensor, which will be included in the new iPhone 8. It's unclear if this is related to a previous report by Apple Insider about Apple's patent application for 'acoustic imaging system architecture.' That technology could ostensibly identify and authenticate a user by the acoustic properties of their fingerprint; in essence, your iPhone could hear your fingerprint. The patent was filed on February 23, 2017.
A variety of analyst reports has predicted that the iPhone 8 will come equipped with 3D sensors that could enable augmented reality as well as facial or iris recognition. Veteran Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also voiced support for the 3D sensor theory, adding that Apple will equip with the iPhone 8 with a new front-facing camera system equipped with an infrared transmitter and receiver.
While one might expect the dual-lens snapper found on the iPhone 7 Plus to filter down to the standard version of the iPhone 8, that's not likely to happen. Rumors suggest that the high cost and niche appeal of dual-lens cameras will be for high-end models like iPhone 8 Plus. The telephoto lens in the dual-lens camera might get optical image stabilization (where currently only the wide-angle lens does), so that's one improvement we might see. That aside, camera rumors are thin on the ground. It's possible that Apple will change the megapixel count from 12MP, though around that seems to be the sweet spot that many manufacturers have settled into, so don't count on it. We wouldn't expect much change from the front-facing camera, as Apple just upped that to 7MP for the iPhone 7.
Omission of lightning connector
Apple ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack with the iPhone 7. Now, a report published in a popular journal suggests that the company will omit its lightning connector from the iPhone 8 in favor of the emerging port: USB-C.
256 GB internal storage with 3 GB RAM
iPhone will run on Apple A11 processor and have a 3 GB RAM. It is believed to accommodate 256 GB photos, videos, and apps.
Apple iPhone 8 release date in KSA - Expected in September 2017
Apple iPhone 8 price in Saudi Arabia - 2800 to 3200 SAR

The Apple IPhone 8 Mobiles is manufactured by Apple.
The best price of Apple IPhone 8 by najdtelecom in saudi is 999 SAR
This product is reviewed by 3 users, and its average rating is (4.7/5)
Available payment methods are Cash on Delivery, Credit Card Payment
The best price for the Apple IPhone 8 in saudi, is SAR 999 sold at najdtelecom and available in Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina and Makkah.

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