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PriceDeals is saudi’s leading price comparison website. We provide shoppers with highly accurate results with over 2,500,000 products to peruse through, from more than 150 e-commerce stores in the saudi. With Product Prices, Delivery Time, and Payment Options offered by each vendor listed on our website, customers can make a well-informed decision, and purchase their desired product in no time at all. By hopping aboard PriceDeals and joining our list of vendors, you can enjoy a boost of free traffic of ready-to-buy customers, channeled directly to your website. With no hassle, and zero technical effort traffic towards your brand will soar sky high.

Key Features:

Free Registration Process

Registering on PriceDeals is absolutely Free. You can even upload as many products as you want on our website. A Monthly Summary Report will also be send to you, so you can monitor your success all through your time with us.

Increase in Conversion Rates For Free

With all the important decision-making factors listed on our website, customers can compare and pick the ideal seller, and then click on Go To Store. These serious shoppers will then be directed to your website straightaway to make their purchase, thus giving you an instant increase in conversion rate.

Brand Exposure

You brand will gain a lot of exposure among the serious shoppers, owing to your name and logo being displayed in each price-comparison list. The more the products listed, the higher the visibility.

Market Standing

With all the information from various e-commerce stores available on one source, you can easily compare and ascertain your standing in the local market.

100% Support

With a dedicated and experienced team working behind the scenes to provide you with the best platform to reach your targeted customers, you can expect full support all through.

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